Earth-Threatening Asteroids and Comets in the Movies

It’s the end of the year and one particular tabloid newspaper is again warning us that it could soon be the end of the world — yes, asteroid 2019 AE3 is in our vicinity and the apocalypse is coming.

In keeping with the tabloid drama, below is a link to a list of all the movies and TV dramas ever made that feature Earth-threatening asteroids or comets, for you to see what’s unlikely to take place on 2 January 2020.

NASA calculates that the 13 metre-wide asteroid 2019 AE3 will miss us by a distance of nearly two million kilometres, which is more than five times the Earth-Moon distance.

But if it’s drama you want, I can guarantee it’s on the list — everything ever made from 1916 to date.

Happy New Year!

Now, on with the list…IMPACT!

Impact Earth (2015) from the list of every asteroid and comet disaster movie ever made. Earth threatening asteroids and comets.
Impact Earth (2015) – AltaVista Entertainment