VISSINITI is the website of Margaret Murphy, an amateur planetary scientist and aspiring screenwriter.

She hosts this website for fun where she talks about planetary science, sci-fi and anything where she can take a circumventous route back to asteroids. For anyone interested, she has written a popular blog post (essay, really) covering the 50 years of perplexing asteroid classification systems. She is also interested in comets.

She aspires to finishing her script and to having an asteroid named after her, no matter how small and lumpy.

After watching and re-watching and then ranting or raving about every asteroid or comet drama she was able to unearth, one day it struck her: she had compiled the most complete list on the internet for this genre. No stone had been left unturned and it was only fair to share the list with other fans out there. It might seem as though this genre didn’t exist prior to 1998’s asteroid on steroids in Armageddon and comet on a collision course in Deep Impact…but it just seems that way.

To any showrunners reading this: if there’s the opportunity for her to contribute just one line to a speech in a scene on a show, here there be passion.

Recent Posts

The Edge of Space

The Edge of Space

On 11 July 2021, Sir Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Galactic, took a suborbital flight to the inner edge of outer space, reaching an altitude of 86 km (54 miles) above the surface of the Earth. Although it marked a milestone for space tourism, where …


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