VISSINITI is the website of Margaret Murphy, a planetary scientist enthusiast and aspiring screenwriter based in London, who has an obsessive interest in anything masquerading as an asteroid.

She is a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society and the Geological Society of London.

She has spent countless hours watching, rewatching and writing about asteroids, and comets, in the movies and hosts the definitive database on this genre.

She also writes rambling reviews of random sci-fi and non-sci-fi dramas, and in a moment of coronavirus lockdown frustration wrote a sonnet.

She aspires to finishing her own script — and to having an asteroid named after her, no matter how insignificantly small and lumpy.

On that last point, if anyone reading this has any influence with the discoverers of asteroid (210264) 2007 SY2 at LINEAR, Socorro…well…if they are looking to name that asteroid, this Margaret Murphy would like to offer a name! It’s not a near-Earth object, just a non-threatening asteroid in the main belt. You can view the orbit diagram here.