VISSINITI is the website of Margaret McMurphy*, an amateur planetary scientist and

She hosts this website for entertainment and educational purposes where she talks about planetary science, sci-fi and anything where she can take a circumventous route back to asteroids. For anyone interested, she has written a popular blog post (essay, really) covering the 50 years of perplexing asteroid classification systems. She is, of course, also interested in comets. In a nutshell: asteroids, comets, meteoroids, meteors and meteorites.

With Close Encounters, Local Hero and Fish Story amongst her favourite movies (all reviewed somewhere on this site), in reality she is interested in any phenomena in the sky. One flew east, one flew west…recalling what her namesake said, “a little change never hurt, a little variety,” so she also posts articles and reviews on other random subjects — but normally only where there’s a tangled story to unravel.

After hunting around in an attempt to watch every asteroid and comet impact drama ever made (a hundred or so), one day it struck her that she’d compiled the most complete list on the internet for this genre. No stone had been left unturned and it was only fair to share the list with other fans out there: a definitive Index of Moving Pictures about Asteroid and Comet Threats, aka IMPACT! It might seem as though this genre didn’t exist prior to 1998’s asteroid on steroids in Armageddon and comet destined for collision in Deep Impact…but it just seems that way.

When she started out, she didn’t even have the tiniest fragment of something that someday with a lot of work might resemble a story (as Lois Lane said to Clark Kent just before he flew off to save the world from an asteroid impact). Today, she has a lot of stories, it’s just that none of them are finished.

(* The “Mc” is silent and only included to clarify that she is not the other writer with the same name.)

I am a Planetary Defender