Goodbye 2020

Planet-Tree Science - Christmas 2020 - New Year 2021 - designed by Margaret Murphy.

I wish everyone a very safe and happy 2021

This e-card uses images of:
Mercury, Venus, Earth, the Moon, Ryugu, Bennu, Mars, Ceres, Jupiter, Ganymede, Europa, Io, Saturn, Mimas, Dione, Rhea, Titan, Iapetus, Uranus, Neptune, Triton, Pluto and Charon

Credited to:  
NASA/JPL-Caltech (Messenger, Magellan, Apollo, OSIRIS-Rex, Viking, Dawn, Voyager, Cassini, New Horizons) and JAXA/ISAS (Hayabusa2)

With a special appearance by:
Interstellar object 1I/’Oumuamua
Interstellar comet 2I/Borisov
and a hypothetical Planet Nine

Design © Margaret Murphy/VISSINITI

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